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Authorized service of Industrial PIV drives

Industrial transmissions

IOW SERVICE Sp. z o.o. with its registered office in Kochlice is authorized PIV Drives service center and offers professional repair of gears from a wide range of products working in many industries and in devices such as:

  1. Transport devices
    • conveyor belts
    • bucket elevators
  2. Crane and transport equipment
    • overhead cranes
    • gantries
    • container cranes
    • cranes
  3. Crushing and grinding equipment
    • ball mills
    • lump crushers
    • drum crushers
    • pre-crushing crushers
    • hammer crushers
  4. Machines for plastics processing
  5. Transmission of one and two channel extruders
  6. Printing machines

For easy identification of parts, please provide gearbox designation and serial number and we will quickly deliver you technical documentation and offer for selected spare parts.

We offer a mobile service and sale of spare parts for PIV Drives transmissions. We have technical documentation that allows identification of parts.